Chillin in the A-10

Hey guys!I just finshed an exciting, but non-greasing flight the A-10 from McGaire AFB to Join Andrews AFB.As you can tell in the photos I was ready for a dog fight.

What do you have to say about this @Nate_Schneller?😎😈
@Tim_B you didn’t see my landing right?


What a beaut. Love the A-10. Thanks for these amazing pictures

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Was this for GAF?

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All I gotta say is BRRRRRRRT


No it was not.I am not even in GAF

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Brutal crosswinds I couldn’t bear to watch anyone’s

Good.I ended up on the grass

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Yeah, you didn’t grease it… You buttered it. Right?

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Nvm, spoke to soon… Didn’t see that part.

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I ended up on the grass


Great photos bro today I’m going to start recording for my YouTube channel the A-10 with fully functioning cockpit to feature today as it’s a beautiful aircraft and amazing sounds. I’ll tag you when it’s ready and any other A-10 enthusiasts stay tuned 👊🏻

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Butter is better on bread than on grass!

Nice photos!!

Let’s just say it’s an awesome aircraft to fly!!

That is what happens when I shut the canopy door.

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@Mattheus remember me… Oh yeah?

@Franna Oh no, please not here. Anyways, Awesome photos @Kaj! They look sick!

What??? @AlphaSeven?

Yeah awesome photos @Kaj

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Thanks!That was my in-flight entertainment

I bet @KaiM saw my landing

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