Chillin' In Colorado | KDEN, KASE, & KEGE Fly-In and Fly-Out

Welcome To The Magnificent State of Colorado!

Welcome to Colorado! Home to the Cheeseburger, some incredible views, and extremely mountainous terrain, this state is one of a kind. This state is known for its mind-blowing natural beauty, so let’s take it all in and enjoy it. Join me and the IFC in the Mile High State!

Server : Expert, Training, and Casual

Airports : Denver International Airport (DEN / KDEN), Aspen-Pitkin (ASE / KASE),
and Eagle County Regional (EGE / EGE)

Time : 2023-06-03T16:00:00Z2023-06-03T21:00:00Z

Since there are many airports active in this event, there will be no gate assignments. If you would like to join this event, please click the “Going / Interested Button” on the event block. It is recommended that you fly a realistic route from databases like FlightRadar24.

Recommended Routes :

Route Aircraft Type Airline Length
KDEN - KDFW A321-200 American Airlines ~2h40m
KSFO - KDEN B777-200ER United Airlines ~3h15m
KASE - KORD CRJ-700 American Airlines ~1h45m
KATL - KASE CRJ-700 Delta Airlines ~2h55m
KEGE - KDFW A319-100 American Airlines ~2h30m
KDEN - KEGE E-175LR United Airlines ~1h10m

Denver Center
Frequency Name
Denver Center -
KDEN Frequencies
Frequency Name
KDEN Tower -
KDEN Ground -
KASE Frequencies
Frequency Name
KASE Tower -
KASE Ground -
KEGE Frequencies
Frequency Name
KEGE Tower -
KEGE Ground -

PM me if you would like to control any of these frequencies

  • The event will be going on for a while so you can Fly-In or Fly-Out during that time

  • It is recommended that you spawn during the event before the event if you are Flying-Out

  • If you are Flying-In, you should consider your flight time so you can arrive during the event

  • Please follow all ATC instructions given. If there is no controller please use Traffic accordingly

  • If you are flying on the Expert Server, please act professionally

  • Remember, I am not responsible for any violations issued

Sponsorships :

Southwest Virtual (SWVA)

Thank you so much to all of the VAs sponsoring this event!

Make sure to check out my other event:

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the event!


I may haven taken a small break but I am finally back! So glad to be on the IFC again.

Thanks to everyone who signed up!

Thanks so much for the people who are coming! I cannot wait.

I cant wait for this event!

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Event bump!

Any new signups?

I hope everyone had a good weekend

The event is getting closer :)

The event is quickly approaching! Make sure to sign up while you can

Hello I’m the CEO of SWVA and I was wondering if we could sponsor this event?

With LUV,
SWVA President and CEO

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Thank you so much @AviatorGriffYT, I hope you and the rest of the VA enjoy this event!

The event is slowly approaching!

I just posted a new event if anyone wants to check it out also the event is just about amonth away!

I’d come but that’s on my birthday…

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I’ll take the KSFO to KDEN flight!

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The same as the other one, can you make this available for all servers?

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All fixed :)

When I finally become IFATC verified I’ll be sure to sign up!

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Good luck with your exams!

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