Chillin at FL1400

About 23 hours ago I started my journey from LAX, to where Im not sure but now I am currently above the UK at FL1400 in my F-22, at the mercy of the wind. If anyone wants to come say hi I am near EGHH on casual server.

More details

I took off from LAX 23 hours ago in an F-22 and without landing or refueling once I have made it over to UK because if you get above FL1400 you dont really fall back down, you just kind of float in the wind but if you sink too far and go below FL1300 (I think its FL1300 at least) you start falling again

I encourage you guys to try to get up here and see how cool and weird it is :)

(Thats me right now)

I believe this would belong in the IF Tracker thread, found below.

As for spawning in to see you, look here.

personally I think this is more of a challenge for the IFC to reach him and see if they can stay there.


Challenge accepted


I’m simply impressed you’re able to cruise at that altitude o_o

I have moved quite I bit, ill give you a new closest airport

I am not closer to LFAT

Spawning in now watch for me


Actually my engines are off

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What’s your GS??

280kts, which is the exact same as the wind


You made it from the USA to england in 2 hours though… you must be going faster than that

Challenge accepted part 2!

I’m airborne.

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I made it to England in 23 hours

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Good luck!

Ohh, LiveFlight says you’ve been flying for 2 hours haha


Weird not for me

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All I can say is good luck to you, I have tried already, I made it up there for 30 sec then came tumbling down to earth again

Edit: This happened about 17 hrs ago

Oh noooooo @Altaria55