Chill Vibes on the A350

Doha to São Paulo

This flight was amazing! Really enjoyed flying with @NoahM on this 15 and a half hour flight! Even though I had a horrible landing. 🥴😂 I think the Qatar A350 livery is outstanding! IFATC did a great job with controlling during our flight! This was actually broke my old longest flight record of 15 hours and 25 minutes on Singapore to Seattle. The new record is now 15:47hrs 🤯. And yes, I rarely fly these long flights that are 14 hours or greater.

At the Gate next to @NoahM with the Sun rising

@NoahM starting his takeoff roll on runway 16L

We’re off to see São Paulo, the wonderful city of Brazil

Hasta La Vista Doha

At FL350 turning over some beautiful mountains near Oman. I mean wow does Infinite Flight do a great job at the scenery and planes.

Starting to fly over the Atlantic Ocean after flying over Africa

Flying just past Rio De Janeiro about to start our initial decent into São Paulo

This photo is sponsored by @Kamryn

On short final for runway 27L at São Paulo

And we’ve landed after a very long flight

Now we’ve finally made it to the gate. I was trying to get to the gate quickly because I was watching the Buffalo Bills play the Los Angeles Chargers (NFL Teams)

Quiz Time!

What is the Oldest Theater in Brazil?

  • São Pedro Theatre
  • Theatro Municipal
  • Alberto Maranhão

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The answer to last poll question was 1244 which 22% got correct


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