Chill songs to listen to while flying (2021 version)

Why listen to music when you can listen to @ToasterStroodie yell at his iPad at the top of his lungs?

“SHUT UP on BAHRAIN CENTER” will always be ingrained in my head. Sorry not sorry.


Morgan Wallen, Dangerous Album

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I usually listen to Nicki Minaj lol, but I will also listen to these, thanks!


Everyone: Liking the post

Other people: can we repeat that?

Lol, I randomly listen to that

Lol i listen to Emirates safety boarding music!!

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Also i listen to anything WHETHAN

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Well that puts the cherry on top

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Emirates deluxe whipped cream boarding music

Save your tears - The Weekend

Dreams - Fleetwood Mac

Anything i have written or produced. Also for long flights producing and writing music is a great way to pass the time