Chill songs to listen to while flying (2021 version)

It is 2021! I’ve been listening to these songs all the time when I fly. Since I am very chill, I like Lo-fi chill beats and others like that. Good for short and Long hauls.

I thought maybe I could share some of these songs with you guys and see what you think!

Songs to listen to:

The process.

Chill day.

Days like these.

Better days.

Me 2.

This feeling.

Warm nights.



By the pool.

in my dreams.

These wonderful chill songs are made by: LAKEY INSPIRED
They are about 3-4 minutes.
Hope you like them!


Paint the town green
Rule the world

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I love those tunes. Thanks for sharing!

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No problemo!

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So good and wave are some good ones

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In fact. A lot of these songs are in aviation6 Videos!

I listen to Post Maloney , Hollywood’s Bleeding

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Fits for here:


Honestly, I know none of these. I just aggressively bop my head to the whole Chromatica album by Lady Gaga.

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I Always listen to that

Thanks for sharing! I’ll give them a listen!

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I listen to epicly made music when flying an F22…

we need actual missiles in the simulator,do you agree😂

Btw. There are also one hour versions if you’d like!

Tubular Bells and Tubular Bells 2. Good instrumental albums… Showing my age here… But you never know.


Arcade is another LAKEY INSPIRED song that is 1,000000 stars

I am a bit average when it comes to music. I mostly listen to the charts but without rap and stuff like that. A good playlist on Spotify is “Music for a Workday”. I found that it mostly contains pretty nice music, even though some might argue that’s a bit mainstream :D

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Yes. or Maybe, It can effect the simulators terrains but only if it just disappears, It will not affect it and the simulator is not a game with missions. But that actually made ma have a good idea and a yes to this.

I know @RTG113 loves it when I play Wonderwall. One of my personal favorites. Would highly recommend.


Over and over again

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I have a whole checklists of IF songs to listen to, That song is actually in my top 5! agreed, highly recommended