Chile, South America, To Auckland, New Zealand fairy flight 1/2

Join me as a fairy flight this 767 LAN this old 767 airliner need to go to Singapore to be converted into a cargo plane this is part one out of two parts today we are going to be flying from Chile 🇨🇱 to Auckland, New Zealand 🇳🇿 this fly will take us down low close to the south pole just a few hundred miles away]]

Flight details:
Flight time 12:42
Training server

I hope you all enjoy this flight I have just started my fairy flying. And if y’all have any flies, y’all want to see that like a fairy around I need to find some new routes to pick up. Please let me know.


Cool to see people’s flying the B767 ! :D


Have a lovely flight. Just a bit of advice…it’s ferry flight/flying. Fairy is something quite, well, different


I’ve seen this exact flight on youtube lol.

Nice to see some realism!


Yeah, I got it from a YouTuber that’s kind of where I found out about the flying I didn’t add the link because they often Lee curse and I did not want to get in trouble if you have any flights, I should do because I am just now starting mine ferry flight I need to have Flight I can do I put this into two parts because the second part has so much in it thank you for liking.


Excellent work also flight giant Pacific Ocean

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love this pic great 767-300 :}

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I just got the second one done

That was all things to the great ground crew