Chile region

Chile is very long and has many airports so i think it will be a great region to fly what you thinks guys


I don’t know…

well is a great region for flying Santiago’s airports is on the top ten biggest airports on south america

The country of LAN!

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Don’t forget about the ocean and the mountains!

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Yes the andes and the pacific Ocean

We have a Lan 767, so we need somewhere to take off with it.

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We also need the 787 LAN :D

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I flew in one on February 2015. It made the route Ezeiza-Arturo Merino BenĂ­tez.

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@Carlos_vera I have flown into Temuco And Santiago a few times, and some on the LAN 787 @Sturmovik and some on the Delta 767’s
I support this idea very much!!

Could you give a map of Chile and it’s airports?

That would be a very nice region, as you could fly up the coast from airport to airport!


It would be great… chile. Brazil and argentina… butit would be better if we can fly between countries… example from LAX to EZE.