Chile is chilly!

Good evening scenic enthusiasts!

Today I want to share with You the gem I have found - Chile.

  1. I started off in Balmaceda airport (SCBA), where I took off from runway 27, where I had to climb at 3000 feet per minute, so I wouldn’t hit the mountainside.

  1. This is lake Verde:

3-6. Now I am approaching Lake O’Higgins and the Chilean snowy mountain ranges.

  1. image

  2. image

  3. image

  4. Here we see the glacier Viedma feeding the freshwater lake Viedma:

  1. This is glacier Upsala, which feeds lake Argentino.

  1. As I start my descent, I look at the half-frozen waters that snake out of the Torres del Paine National Park and feed the Pacific Ocean.

  1. And finally, I take one last peek at the Chilean mountains and land at El Calafate airport (SAWC), which is perpendicular to the freshwater lake Argentino, as we saw from above in picture number eight.

Flight Details (FPL included!)

Server: Expert.
Aircraft: Cessna Citation X (my favourite :) )
Flight Time: 59 minutes.
Date & Time: 08/13/2019, 1720Z.

So, I hope You liked the screenshots, please leave a like if You did. Please reply with Your favourite picture, if You have one :)

Thank You and have a nice day!


Great shots and geographical description.

Looks like pic #9 didnt load though!

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Thank You!

I accidentally deleted the exclamation mark. It should load now! Thanks for that as well!

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Oh man that’s so beautiful 😍😍😍… I’m gonna be flying through South America A LOT!!

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Yep, before the scenery I hadn’t even touched South America, perhaps just once. This is like my third real SA flight and I hope to be doing a lot more in Peru, Brazil, etc., because from what I’ve seen they’re extraordinary!

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Ikr before the update I only flew to a couple of airports in Brazil and Chile but now I don’t feel like landing cause it’s so beautiful from above 😩

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I love the new scenery of South America, I love that water.

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If You read it from start to finish and/or seen the flight plan, You would’ve seen that it was SAWC (El Calafate) airport. :)

Thank You all for the feedback, but does anyone have any more?

This is beautiful! Love the pics! Yep, Chile is Chilly! Fresh cold waters to the glaciers!

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Thanks! I’ll definitely be going here during the FNF. In fact, I’m flying here right now with @ButterMachine!

Yes! We are both very happy that the FNF is in Chile! How convenient!

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