Child Lock

Hey, Everyone!

I am always a little nervous when making these topics because being a duplicate is my worst fear and sometimes the search function gets tiring.

This topic is to add a child lock to Infinite Flight.

I have over 100 violations. Looking back, a large majority are from younger siblings seizing the ipad and turning off autopilot.

This function would be a lock to prevent children from disengaging autopilot and making a mess. From observing my little siblings, I have noticed that they just want action and if they click on a button and it does not work, they will not click it again or try longer.

This is where this function comes in handy.

This function would be a button in the Autopilot section to lock/unlock the autopilot. The thing is that rather than being a normal button, you would have to press 3 seconds to activate it. Young children, not having the intellectual quotient required to understand the english lexicon, and lacking patience for processes longer than approximately 2.46 seconds, will click on the autopilot, see that it does nothing as it is locked, then may try to click on the unlock button but that’s fine as you have to press a long time to unlock it.

Here are the advantages:
Less violations
Less IFC topics asking for vios to be removed,
Less angry older siblings

That’s pretty much it.

If you think this is not enough to stop a three year old, then consider me defeated.

Thank You!

Well if it’s an iPad you can turn on parental lock and lock the app so they can’t open it. :)


You could just turn on Guided Access if on an iPhone or iPad so they can’t tap anything or turn your device off or anything.

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This is hilarious and relatable 🤣, I’m outta votes but I support this


Little kids are vicious, hopefully this can stop them. 😂


Don’t you think though that if there is a button on the autopilot to lock the flight that if they click all the buttons they will unlock it?

It would probably be better to turn it on via settings :)

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If this does get added, I think it should have a passcode lock instead of a press and hold lock.


Sorry, but…

In all fairness, that topic hasn’t been active in some time, but it’s ultimately up to the mods as to which one they’ll close.

Regardless, I don’t personally have this issue as my sister knows better, but I like the idea.

Good luck!


You could always put your device away from your siblings, for example on a shelf or just in a room they don’t go in regularly.

It’s a nice idea but I don’t have trouble with my siblings in regards to touching my device so I won’t be voting but good luck!


As mention, it is a duplicate. But, please, don’t be afraid to post anything. It is a great idea, and no one will mind if it is a duplicate - or if there’s anything wrong with the post. Honestly, mods don’t bite :)

I don’t have issues with this either (my only sister is 14 so doesn’t care about my stuff), but, unfortunately, some poeople, as I understand it anyway, don’t have a place to put the device.

I agree. Although press-and-hold may stop a toddler, I doubt it would stop a malicious 8 year old. Either that or it is a feature in the settings menu where you turn on so that nothing can be touched (including the gear, flaps, etc)

All that is just my too sense!

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You overestimate them 😌

Jkjk thanks for the feedback!

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Or better yet, keep an eye on your device.

I’ve only had one incident where a sibling got to my iPad. That was because I left it in my room while I was downstairs. If your siblings are that genuinely annoying, keep an eye on your device.

I mean yes and no? You cant be at your device 24/7 to keep an eye on it depending on the flight length, this would prevent the screen from being accessible.

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Now how would that work, if it’s not accessible to someone else, how would yourself have access to it?

If it needs a password, IF would crash.

And if someone younger than 5 is getting to your device, that’s on you. But if they’re older they’ll know to hold it.

Stares at it from Los Angeles to London


With all we have already, I think a simple 4 digit code or long press button won’t harm anyone


If they’re older then you’ll just tell them not to touch it…


This looks like comments on meme page