Chief305 || ATC Tracking Thread || Closed For Good ;)

Hi All, this is my second ATC Tracking thread after the other one closed. Basically I used to be in IFATC but was removed because of my behavioral issues, I would love to improve and be part of this wonderful group once more one day. If you ever show up to one of my sessions I really thank you for helping me improve in both controlling and experiences, hope you can give me mature and very nice feedback and have fun while you’re under my control.
Once again I appreciate if you come to my sessions, thank you guys and love you ❤️.

Now Open: N/A


Really awesome! Decided to ask for a change of runway to see what would happen with 2 planes which were faster than me and you handled it perfectly. Nice one (-:



@Laura_Murphy Thanks for coming, was gonna say unable but I knew you wanted to test me to my full potential lol.

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Now closed, Thanks to those who came. Have to go, might open up tommorrow.

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Lol. I forgot to calibrate before takeoff so I can’t really rate, but if I had to rate the ground I would give a 10/10.

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Coming chris. N90D callsign

Now Closed! Thanks if you came.

From my side runway Chang, pattern , transitions everything was ferfect . No complaint great work 👍
See you:)

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Thanks to those who came, really appreciate it ❤️🖤!
Looking to open up later if I have time :).

Open at London Gatwik on the TS1 Server, please come and fly, would like serious and mature pilots!

Edit: Now closed!

Open at KMIA (Miami International Airport, Miami, Florida, USA) In the Training Server, please come and do some patterns, I want serious and mature pilots only and constructive feedback.
Will be open for the next hour, come and stop by!

Edit: Now closed


Hey friends, I will be opening KFLL (Fort Lauderdale Intl Airport, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA) on the global TS1 seever, will be open for about an hour unless I find other things to do. Please come by for patterns, transitions, etc and please give me some serious constructive feedback afterwords. This little airport is perfect as it has 2 parallel runways and doesn’t have the traffic as other Class Bravos.
Come and fly!!!

I’ll stop by - call sign - IFC-CH, as always
Extra warm regards

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I’ll be there in about 30 if that’s ok

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Will be there within 30

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Are you still open I just viewed post, I’ve always liked flying when your controlling.

When I was exiting runway, you told me to exit right. Should have been an “exit any runway command.” Overall great controlling.

Hey Chief I would totally come it’s just that I have some work to do. And it’s gotta be done by tomorrow so I won’t be able to make it. I will definitely make an effort to attend you’re next atc opening.
Do great ATC!

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Still there? Ill come stop by right now!