Chief Dawid Stuurman International Airport

Hey IF community, how are you doing?
(Apologies, I’m not TL2 so I’m unable to create this topic on the “Real-world Aviation” category)

So I’m from South Africa, Port Elizabeth, well the name actually changed last night to “Gqeberha” and so did the airport’s name change. If you know the airport was called Port Elizabeth International Airport and has now been changed to Chief Dawid Stuurman International Airport.

Credits to Port Elizabeth Airport is a 3-Star Regional Airport | Skytrax for the image.

Site accessed: 24 February 2021 16:00 GMT+2

It would be cool if the name of the airport in the Simulator could also change.

Thanks for popping in and again sorry for placing it in this category.


Cool, I didn’t know this change happened!

For airport name change news, I’d reckon this would be better in #real-world-aviation.

And as for wanting the name changed in IF, the IFAET doesn’t take requests, but I’m sure it can be edited if someone decides to do it.

He said he was too low TL to put this in #real-world-aviation

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thanks for the info
@moderators may be able to put this topic in #real-world-aviation

Honestly, someone requesting an airport name change in the app is #general not #real-world-aviation. They are fine in my opinion

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I have asked before to change (correct) 2 airports name and they did it right away although the change would be seen after the navigation database update.

This is up to IFAET (Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team). I’ll bring this up to them


Thanks, hey.

I will change the name of the airport. The new name will appear in the next airport and navigation update. Thanks for letting us know!


Hey there!

Appreciate your effort in educating the wider community on the recent name change to this airport, and I would be excited to see this change reflect in Infinite Flight as well. Although I’m sure that the change will be made soon, there is no real set date given that the Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team (IFAET) are made up of volunteers like you and me, and they work off airports that they select.

I also want to stress that you might want to wait a little longer before the change is reflected due to the airport and navigational update only comes by once a month, and it looks like the update for February changes has been confirmed so no more changes can be made. That said, if you’re personally keen on making the change yourself you could always sign up to the IFAET through this link


Edit: It seems that @brennanhackard has beat me to making a post about the status of the airport, and as he mentioned, the change will be made by himself. Nonetheless it’s a great opportunity to give back to the community if you desire to do so.


I see. It’s only the first I hear about this. But thanks for informing me everyone.

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Joining the IFAET is always a good idea. We need all the help we can get. However, you won’t be able to make small changes to airports and directly commit them to our repository as that power is only reserved for supervisors and above. Regular editors are limited to sending their airports through official review, and it would be extremely inefficient to have something that could take 2 minutes take one day.


Ah, understood.

I had to.

How do you pronounce Gqeberha anyway?


I just love that question. The name is rooted from the Southern African language, isiXhosa.

That word has many clicks to it.
Suggestion: Check out this video

only natives could say that word. its like Japanese or Chinese when you don’t know the language, but you are able read the word so its a bit easier.

Trust me, anyone can pronounce the word. It’s a matter of putting effort and actually wanting to do it.

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ok im gonna try with that link! ill trust you on that!

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That’s the spirit!!!

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After the recent Nav. Update the name has been changed in-game. Thanks very much this is amazing🤩.