Chicago - Vienna; one of my new favorite long-hauls

A few weeks ago, I attended the O’ hare flyout by @EnthusiasticAviation and decided to fly Chicago - Vienna. Little did I know, this would he one of the most beautiful flights I’ve ever done. Enjoy some of my photos I’ve captured from this Austrian Adventure!

Flight Details

Server: Expert
Aircraft: 777-200ER
Route: KORD - LOWW
Flight Time: 8:17
Photo Editor: Adobe Lightroom

Parked at the gate

Taxiing to the active runway

Holding short as another plane takes off


See ya later Chicago ✌🏻

It’s time to cross the pond!

Flying as the sun sets over the Atlantic Ocean 🌅

Flying along the Austrian Alps 🏔️

Inbound at Vienna

I hope you enjoyed, and have a great rest of your day!

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Glad to see that you enjoyed :)

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Wow these shots are just amazing, great job!

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It’s one of my favourite ones too!:) Lovely pics!:D😉

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Thank you! Took a lot of effort to capture them.

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