Chicago Shots



Amazing shots! That Alaska 739 is beautiful, looks so real. Great job!


Stunning shots there!

I like the subtle clouds in the background, and the way you added the sun rays. It’s the little details that count! :)

Keep up the great work. 👍


Thanks that is my favorite one of all!


Thanks, it took a while but I believe that they paid off! 👍


You know, as always that your shots are beautiful !!




Thank you for the compliment and the picture @Ondrejj!


no problem!


I love all the little details in these pictures.

The only problem is that there aren’t more!!


Haha thanks mate! I wanted to make more, but it was very time consuming and I didn’t know if I would pass the limit or not.🤷‍♂️😝


All the pictures are too good to be true! look even @JT_Playz takes so much time in doing them for us it’s:

this shows that he cares! about them


Great work! The Alaska B739 is definitely my favorite.


I love the cloud effect on it 😁


Thank you, it’s mine too!😁