Chicago Region is Currently packed on PG. Need more ATC's to Keep Planes Coming

Come out to the Chicago Region. We have 5 airports open with ATC and tons of aircraft right now. Very surprising lol.


BTW its on PG I’m sorry meant to put it in the title.

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On, it’s on the PG server.

Yeah, I don’t like PG that much.


I’m coming!!

Same but ill just make the best of it lol. Im controlling at Midway.

I’ll control approach for midway

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Thank you sir. That would that would help very much. :)

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I am coming

###Chicago beats SoCal


People spawning or landing at Midway, No Jumbo Jets please:


757’s and 767’s are ok.

Very rare don’t miss out lol

Okay, this is the worst. I wish PG pilots weren’t so bad. I mean, ATC was horrible for me. I had to tell people to follow instructions so many times, I had to quit.

I am currently ATC at O’Hare and was one of the original ATCs this afternoon when this got started.

Haha I’ve been on for an hour. All I’m getting is Grade 2’s and 1’s. Maybe a few good pilots here or there. But for the most part, no one is listening lol

Yea I started next to you at Midway lol

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This is crazy, I’ve never seen this region get so much attention.

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Earlier there were like five flights in the region when I was controlling at KMKE and the all of a sudden the were 27 flights. And that was a few hours ago.

Yea I saw someone controlling KORD, so I immediately hoped on KMDW and started controlling, traffic skyrocketed from there.