Chicago Peak Hour ATC Tower Timelapse

Chicago Peak Hour

After spending a few weeks on radar, I decided that it’s time to go back and do some local controlling, which I did today at Chicago O Hare. With 3-5 aircraft landing and departing every 15 seconds as seen in the video, it sure was a hectic session, but I really enjoyed the session and I feel that this was one of my favourite local sessions to date, with my fellow ATC controllers constantly coordinating to ensure a safe and smooth traffic flow environment. As such, I have complied a time-lapse for you to enjoy!


KORD South Tower: @TheAviationGallery
KORD North Tower: @DannyHL / @MJL_Productions
KORD South Approach: @ArsenyKryuchkov / @PlaneGeek
KORD North Approach: @United2
KORD Departure: @Grizpac
Chicago Center: @Dillon_Lewis

Screenshot 2020-12-19 at 6.12.48 AM

Click the image above view the video of the time-lapse.


Wow that’s busy!

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Was a really fun session! Consistent and busy. Thanks for tagging and great job!

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I see where your heart stands with departure :(

Just kidding. Nice time lapse!

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Always a blast controlling with you!

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Ah, there we go. I felt like I was missing someone.

I subscribed to your YouTube channel and watched the video!

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The O’Hare realism police approve of the controlling in this video. Nice job😂👮🏻‍♂️

Thanks for the support!

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