Chicago O'Hare Planespotting

If you have some time on your hands, check out 6 hours of Planespotting at Chicago O’hare International Airport. Nearly 60 different types of airlines and about 30 different aircrafts!


Great video!

Keep it up!

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6 hours! That must’ve taken some serious amount of dedication and patience as I presume there aren’t that many flights. Great video!

Stay safe:)

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Is that a…

Could it be…

A Tulip livery and an US airways A321???

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PSA: This is an old video from 2015

Is this your vid?

Nope not mine. Just something I found on Youtube and thought I would share on here!

Great for Q U A R I N T I N E

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How large a file is that video!?

CHICAGO O’HARE! My home airport! Love these videos!

Thanks for sharing!


Even though I didn’t watch the full 6 hours of it, the parts that I did watch were fabulous, well done mate!

Is this video old because i saw the old United Livery ?

It was a great video to watch indeed. However, as he mentioned above - this was just a video he found on YouTube; thus it isn’t his.


Same for me!!

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