Chicago O'Hare- Open for Business [NOW CLOSED] (@ KORD, July 30, 1600 Zulu)


Thanks to everyone for coming out and giving me a run for my money!

Server: ATC Playground

Region: Chicago

Airport: KORD

Time: 1600Z (12:00 noon EST… If I converted the Zulu time right?

I’ll be doing this for a couple of hours, as usual.

NOTAM: * Alrighty, I’m sure that you guys know the drill by now- I’m opening up another session of ATC-ing on the Playground Server.

To change things up, I’ve decided to open up Chicago O’Hare Tower and Ground this time around. It’s a large and daunting airport… and if I can handle an expansive airport like that, then I’m sure hat I’m ready to take the exams.

Anyhow, just hop on as you please! Feel free to do pattern work, regular 'ol flights, and the like.

I’ve taken up all the frequencies at O’Hare to avoid people hopping on and interrupting the flow- so I request that everybody tunes into Ground 121.90 and Tower 120.75 only- any requests on the other frequencies will be ignored.

Good day!


Ill be flying the Cessna 206
Call Sign: N655RA

It’s the 208 ;)

Coming… Will request to land on runway 27L.

Il be there soon!

Just had a crash. One moment, guys.

Even my Facebook authentication went down for a moment… Scary. I’m hopping back on now!

KLM 111 super??? And right sorry haha :joy:

Coming! I’ll be UAL208

I will be in a e-170
My call sign is delta 505 and people follow me

@Laurens… Er, my apologies for that enter straight in command. I was ordering another guy to do that, since he was shuffling around, and accidentally clicked on your callsign.

@Straton_Morton Saw ya! Promptly cleared for a takeoff!

Another crash… Sighs. My apologies, guys. My iPad wants to be the bad guy today.

@Laurens… And the KLM 111 dude- nice formation landing! Lol!

I didn’t hash you on about separation, since it was obvious that you guys wanted to do a formation landing.

Don’t worry about that.
If there isn’t much traffic in the air, I follow my flight plan rather than the pattern instructions.

Tricky landing with gusts up to 37 knots :grin:
My little B738 shook heavily!
But earned almost 400 XP for that short hop from DuPage ;)

Nice job at the very busy Ohare. Who was doing approach with you ?

Very tricky winds , only my 3rd ever crash on IF 😂

Tiny Citations was all over tithe place.

Points for a properly formated event :) Thank you!

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@StikLover2 thanks very much for your controlling, especially for granting me 27R when it was easier for me to land there, and for the prompt realization I needed to go around when someone decided to takeoff the wrong way without clearance.

I vote for you to become an advanced ATC asap 👍

@lollip No problem! 27R wasn’t interfering with any of my established traffic patterns, so it was no issue to place ya there! It was a shame about that guy who took off the wrong way without clearance… That made me furious.

Regardless, thanks for the kind words! I appreciate it when people take some time to say thanks! Hopefully, I’ll be able to pass the ATC exams… Crosses fingers

@philippe No problem! It’s definitely a good time to practice the new format for organizing events!

@Tom_Grollman I’m not sure. I guess that the guy just hopped on approach when he saw ORD getting busy.

Anyhow, thanks for the compliment! All those aircraft were flooding the frequency, so it was surprising that ORD was that busy- perhaps the busiest that I’ve seen it yet.

And… owch, about the crash. Must have been breezy!