Chicago O'Hare - Hold Short Markers on RWYs


Chicago O'Hare KORD

Found these Hold Short Markers on every Runway while exploring Chicago O'Hare is this a mistake or it actually has to exist?

Infinite Flight v15.11

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Hi John a popular misconception just like KDEN. I only remodeled the inside apron where the terminal buildings are. The outer edges were as original. 😀 Some airports do have hold shorts on runways if they lead to other runways. I will need to check satellite. Right now I am redoing KDEN as it too had some anomalies on the periphery.

Rwy 28 has "Hold short " Markings in the rwy.
This is not an error. These are indeed part of the real markings at KORD.

These likes actually belong there.

They do, but as different markings, right place on the RWY, but different markings- Check that, there is no issue with the markings, they are RIGHT lol

Taken from satellite. They are the same. I propose no further action at this time. Later when I have more time I will clean some of the outer periphery.

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Thank you for your help by the way. If you do see anything needing fixed please contact us :)

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Why is that rubway blue? XD

Because it is soooo cold in Chicago ;p

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Good find!

Solved/Proved in post #7 - this is intentional.

Thanks for the report!