Chicago O’hare- New York JFK

Flight time:1 hour 45 minutes
Server: Training
Aircraft: E190
Airline: JetBlue
Some screenies

Any other tips for another flight?

Have a good day


@Avaitor1 summon

Amazing pictures 😍

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Thanks a lot

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I saw you at the beginning of my flight that I’m still on. Nice pictures :)

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Where are you flying to

kbos → kden

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This JetBlue livery never gets old for me. Amazing pictures!

Last picture looks so real when you look at the engines!🤩

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Pictures are amazing the last pic reminds me of this picture I took on a JB E190


Awesome shots, although you should hide user tags to comply with the Screenshots and Videos category’s rules.

Tip: for realistic cabin photos, put the interior cam 1 or 2 inside the cabin like this⬇️

Nice photos!

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Also @Captain_fin, also what @whyevenbothernaming said, hide the player tags! Here is how:

Change the settings to yes



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They are quite similar

Will make sure I do


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I really like the jet blue livery especially blue print

do orf-iah in a United A320

It does look identical almost

Also, for planes that don’t have a cabin (FE: 737-800), put the interior drone right by the window that you want it to be by and that will be a camera view.
For Example: 👇