Chicago O’hare New Runway

Chicago O’hare is currently on construction of runways 27C/9C and would make the sixth and final parallel runway. It will be the second longest runway at the airport at around 11,000 feet. It is supposed to open later this year.

Runway 27L/9R is also supposed to be extended and will make it a lot easier for heavier aircraft and traffic flow.

Credit: Chicago Tribune


Awesome! Maybe I will finally be able to get out of ORD on time for once…


thank god im not the only that is happy about in time departures out of KORD

Yes I think it’s time ORD got a new runway less holding patterns and long approaches and less delays

I propose that they build a taxiway that makes a circle around the airport since they’re going to have circling the airport anyways

Is it just me or should London Heathrow follow with this. After all my home airport KRIC (which is pretty small) has more runways than heathrow.

Yes Heathrow definitely, traffic continuously has to make 360s.

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Heathrow just needs the space to do it.


Doesn’t KORD have enough runways 😂


Personally I think they should close 22L/4R and 22R/4L and then every runway would be parallel. It would make sense.

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They could close some taxiways and add a third and maybe a fourth parallel runway. Or pay the areas around it a ton of money and maybe get more space there.

Why so many runways? There’s more runways here then on some crossword puzzles.

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Not the best idea. Those angled runways really come in handy during bad storms and winds.

In fact, 4R is being used at the moment.

These are the winds at ORD right now:

Landing on those parallel runways would pretty much be directly perpendicular to the winds.


Yes true, but the reason why I want them closed is because I live off of 28R and would love to see lots of go around at moments like this rather than no traffic atm. Those are active and at night they switch to those runways for noise reduction but I love the noise…

Also the problem with those runways are HUGE holding patterns…

That’s not exactly the problem. The weather’s causing the holding patterns.

The main problem is they’re only using one runway for landings as they don’t have another available for parallel landings. Runway 4L is currently being used for takeoffs.

Under normal conditions, they would be using the regular 4 parallel runways to operate parallel landings, which will have less congestion.

Yeah, I think we would all love to see go-arounds but ORD is doing its best to avoid costly operations and more congestion, which is helped by the angled runway.


They also don’t use runway 4L for landings and that’s one of the “unsafe reasons” why 32L/R were closed

To avoid hold patterns, if you look at two runway Heathrow every plane has a holding pattern!

One thing that is nice is that at the IFAET this airport is a ‘super’ High Priority, meaning it would be worked on as soon as possible.

That’s LOTS of runways.