Chicago O’Hare New Runway Open!!

O’Hares brand new runway, 27C and 9C is now open and ready for business. This brand new addition to the airport saw its first departure just less than 24 hours ago! Here’s an Instagram post from @flyohare to explain how this new addition will benefit the airport…
As it briefly explains it will help ORDs capacity and its reliability in all weather conditions

If your interested here are some cool shots of the first United 777 taking off on this 2 mile long runway!!!

This is a magnificent accomplishment and I hope to see more success and additions too O’Hare as time goes on. Hopefully ORD21 will finish soon enough! 👀


Cue those who are about to be pestering IFAET to add it 😂


I’m pretty sure ORD changes their runway layout about every 2 weeks. Much like Legos.


I can project it looking like a horrible accident by 2023.

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“Number 1, cleared to land, runway 28LCCR”


So how many confusing runways does KORD have now?😂

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We got 8 now!

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Well, it’s not really that confusing. The 04/22 runways are typically only used in very bad weather, and if they are being used, it’s 22L, used for departures. Atleast the three groupings of runways are close to eachother, unlike at Frankfurt, where one runway is about two miles away from the threshold of its “parallel” runways, and on the other side of the terminals

IFAET is now hiding from people asking to add it. Ik one of those people and can’t wait for IFAET of add it. Hopefully 20.3

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This is very exciting news as I am a big fan of Chicago O’Hare and the Chicago area. I am so glad that they finished the runway, did they finish the 27L and 9R extension?

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Yup! You’re absolutely right! I believe an expansion to 27R/9C is expected to be finished in a few weeks😂

Believe it or not, Ohare used to MUCH more confusing to pilots and air traffic controllers alike. Before the Ohare Modernization project in the early 2000’s, almost every runway was an intersecting runway, and close calls and incidents happened on a regular basis.

^that diagram was obviously created quite a while ago


I was going to say the two “planned” runways to the South have been there for while I recall doing touch and go’s there like last year.


Yeah maybe if Google decides to update their imagery quicker lmao

Yea not that confusing when you learn the airport :)

I don’t think so they still seem to have a lot of construction in that are. But maybe this new runway will help speed up the process by moving arrivals and departures to 27C

27L/09R is expected to be finished in late 2021, so still some time until that’s done

This is what it said on O’Hare’s expansion effects website

The airport plans to close Runway 9R/27L at some time during 2021 as it completes that runway’s extension. This will trigger more changes to flight patterns during this time period.

During construction of the extension, west flow arrival flights that were using Runway 27L will move to Runway 27C. During construction of the extension, east flow departure flights will continue to use Runway 10L and departures that were using 9R will move to 9C. These patterns will stay in place until the extended Runway 9R/27L opens, which is currently planned for December 2021.

Cool, now ORD has 8 runways once again!



The sanity of the IFAET


If 7 weren’t enough 🤦🏽

Good Luck to who’ll edit this


6 parellel runways!? SIX!?

Now that’s one unstoppable airport

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