Chicago-Midway Plane Spotting

Hey guys! So I’ve been an infinite flighter for about 5 years now have immensely enjoyed the new 3D updates! I live-stream all my flights on YouTube as it’s fun to look back on all my flights like that. I just created a plane spotting video from the Chicago-Midway Parking garage since it now offers 3D scenery. I put a lot of effort into this and obviously loved every second of performing the takeoffs and landings!! Enjoy!

and maybe I’ll make it a series, yeah?

Happy Flying!😎


Great video! Well done buttering that first 717, have a cookie :)

Welcome to the community btw!

This should be the official name for people who play IF

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Reminds me of the real MDW

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Thank you! We’re not going to say that was my 5th take on it😂

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Nice Vid and also welcome to IFC

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