Chicago Midway flyout @KMDW - 072300ZMAR20

Summary: Chicago Midway Flyout
3 Attending

Server: Expert

Airport: KMDW

Time: 2020-03-07T23:00:00Z


The busiet square mile in the world


Concourse A
(Gate) (Destination) (Aircraft) (Airline) (Pilot)
A01 Durango A320 Volaris
A02 Toronto Billy Bishop Q400 Porter Airlines
A03 Albany B737 Southwest
A04A San Francisco B738 Southwest
A04B Grand Rapids B737 Southwest
A05 Atlanta B738 Southwest
A07 Birmingham (AL) B737 Southwest
A09 Boston B738 Southwest
A11 Buffalo B737 Southwest
A12 Dallas-Love B738 Southwest
A13 Los Angeles B738 Southwest @Highlander24
A14 St. Louis B738 Southwest @United2
A15 Cancun B738 Southwest
A16 Kansas City B737 Southwest
A17 Charlotte B738 Southwest
A18 Punta Cana B738 Southwest
A19 Cleveland B737 Southwest @Mr_yellow
Concourse B
(Gate) (Destination) (Aircraft) (Airline) (Pilot)
B01 Houston-Hobby B738 Southwest
B02 Memphis B738 Southwest
B03 Oakland B738 Southwest
B05 Detriot E175 Delta
B07 Minneapolis/St. Paul CRJ7 Delta
B08 Phoenix B738 Southwest
B09 Atlanta A321 Delta
B10 Indianapolis B738 Southwest
B11 New York (LGA) B737 Southwest
B12 West Palm Beach B738 Southwest
B14 San Jose de Cabo B738 Southwest
B15 New York (LGA) B738 Southwest
B16 New Orleans B738 Southwest
B17 St. Louis B738 Southwest
B18 Nashville B738 Southwest
B19 Hartford B737 Southwest
B20 Columbus-Glenn B737 Southwest
B21 Providence B737 Southwest
B22 Fort Lauderdale B738 Southwest
B23 Raliegh/Durham B738 Southwest
B24 Manchester (NH) B737 Southwest
B25 Ontario (CA) B738 Southwest
B26 Montego Bay B737 Southwest
Concourse C
(Gate) (Destination) (Aircraft) (Airline) (Pilot)
C01 Portland (OR) B737 Southwest
C02 Salt Lake City B738 Southwest
C03 Norfolk B737 Southwest
Private gates
(Gate) (Destination) (Aircraft) (Pilot)
Jet01 Pick one CCX
Jet02 Pick one CCX

Runways will be posted the day of the event
This is the EXPERT server please be professional
Do not cut in line or cut people off

Be sure to check my other event the day before

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Be sure to check out my Midway Landing competition which happens 6 days before this one.

Spawn 15-20 minutes prior to departure.

Can I have the southwest airlines to Cleveland please

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You may you are also attending my event at Lambert earlier in the day for you information. Thanks for attending.

Hello! Could I have a SouthWest 737-800 going to LAX. Thank you!

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You may thanks for attending

Are there no allegiant gates?

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No, only because they are being added in May and this is before May

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Terminal chats will be created a few days before the event. Also, let me know if you are attending the KSTL one earlier in the day.

Event is in about a week lets get the number of attending up!

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