Chicago Meigs - KCGX

Chicago Meigs Field isn’t an airport anymore why is it still on IF?

Because I like it, there’s no reason to remove it. If you don’t like it, don’t fly there:)


Its the dash 8 hideout


We have Northwest Airlines livery on the B757. And Northwest isn’t flying perse any more.

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We still keep in old airports, so long as they are still there. Airports that are closed have [X] before them. I will get one put in front of its name.


Good points but how long ago was it demolished way before IF even existed.

A) FDS plans to release a classic aircraft.
B) Maybe they want to keep it as a reference or homage to Micrsoft Flight Simulator.


Which doesn’t include KCGX?

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Just like flushing KFLU

Because if you’re an old timer Simmer, like those of us who go all the way back to the SubLogic days, a Sim without Meigs just isn’t right!


I think the airport should only be there if it exists. I don’t know if anyone has built over KCGX so I won’t say anything more than its a great airport.

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They have- it is a park now.

I recall developers saying something to the extent “we included it because we can”. :) Yeah it doesn’t exist any more, but it used to and was quite a popular field, - The beauty of the simulator world is that you can bend the rules a little and fly in places you wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

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