Chicago: it’s 1983

In 1983, Emery Worldwide Airlines was a booming freight carrier, known for its reliable service and efficient operations. The company was at the height of its success, with a fleet of modern aircraft and a dedicated team of employees.

One day, a particularly important shipment needed to be delivered urgently to a remote location. The team at Emery sprang into action, coordinating the logistics and ensuring that the cargo would reach its destination on time.

As the plane took off, carrying the precious cargo, a storm suddenly brewed up, threatening to delay the delivery. The pilots at Emery Worldwide Airlines navigated through the turbulent skies with skill and precision, determined to fulfill their mission.

Despite the challenges they faced, the team at Emery remained steadfast and focused, working together to overcome obstacles and deliver the shipment safely to its destination. Their dedication and commitment to excellence earned them praise and recognition, solidifying Emery’s reputation as a trusted and reliable airline.

As the year came to a close, Emery Worldwide Airlines looked back on 1983 with pride, knowing that they had once again demonstrated their commitment to delivering excellence in air freight services. The company’s success in the face of adversity served as a testament to their resilience and determination, setting the stage for even greater achievements in the years to come.

And you are sitting at your local cafe where the runway is visible to you and you hear a loud sound and you get your camera and you take this unique picture.


Nice! But Emery Freight didn’t operate here; -as far as I know-

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Nor did the DC-10 exist in 1966.


DC-10: 1970s-onward
Emery: founded 1981 in California


Mmmmmmmm thanks for the observation

Changed it to 1983

We need more “old school” vibes contents, or create an event with scenes from a certain old year at a certain airport using old school planes only in Infinite Flight. Oh, can you make another story but set in KMIA? I’m 90% sure that in the 80s to 90s there were legendary aircraft, especially exotic cargo there. Maybe I’ll make one too


Agreed my friend

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