Chicago - Corporate FNF - 15 January


Every day corporate jets of all makes and models fill the skies of Chicago. During this Friday Night Flight, we will do it Infinite Flight style! Grab your favorite Corporate, BBJ, ACJ, or generic livery aircraft as we cruise north to the city.

Infinite Flight Event Procedures are in place to provide an organized and realistic experience. The event route will be strictly enforced on the “Friday Night Flight” server. A separate route has been provided for all heavies into Chicago O’Hare.

Keep it realistic, follow the procedures, and stay tuned for the official FNF event post!

Note: A “Friday Night Flight” server will be in place. The route, speeds, altitudes and aircraft will be enforced by ghosting, with live ATC to assist with the NOTAM. Thank you to those that were patient through last week’s server malfunction. We will continue to advance, develop, and perfect the FNF experience!



Nice, are these notams based on real life?

Yes :) Each week I build the routes from real flights found on flightaware, SIDS/STARS, and a little of my own imagination based on what I think will translate well to a fun IF event.


Nice Imagination, Keep up the


Work :)😊☺

To be honest Tyler I don’t really like the server as it splits peeps between the two servers- Less traffic. See why you want it though to enforce rules.


“Corporate FNF”. So I can fly the Corporate A340?

I guess so. The route KPIA - KORD says “ALL HEAVIES” for the aircraft section.

Oh. Didn’t see that bit.

Fun fact, I live right near KPWK.

How do I join this event? I am brand new to live events.

what time does it start?

You show up. These are open events in the FNF server.

Recommended MAX VS for climb, and LOW VS for descent?

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It’s still a bit of an experiment. We are trying to find the best way to keep very serious or detail minded pilots separate from pilots who are less so. It’s about maintaining the most realistic simulated experience possible for those who want that. Will this be the solution? I guess we will see. :)


Can you please explain the part with The route, speeds, altitudes and aircraft will be enforced by ghosting. Because does that means that you’re never be able to play live again :(

It just means you must follow the procedure above with the prescribed speed and waypoints. If you’re ghosted, you may see a drop in grade level denying entry to the advanced server until you’ve done a few more flights to bring it back up. You’ll still have access to live! :)

Let’s rock and roll IFAO!!! Time to bring in all our beautiful aircraft to this event presuming they are allowed!

@Tyler_Shelton, are the FDS liveries allowed?

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I would second the Vs speeds. Anyone know if the controllers are thinking about blocking out altitudes? Also the route is pretty much straight until turning left base…speed control may turn into an issue if things get tight.

Holding points if the approach gets busy / missed approach? WX?

Probably all these things have been considered, just throwing in my two cents.

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