ChiangMai Spotting | 22/12/18


Welcome to my ChiangMai Thailand spotting thread! I did not do a whole bunch of spotting there, so I was not able to get a lo of photos, but I got some that I like. Hope you enjoy!

#1 Thai Royal AirForce C130 (I think)

#2 Thai Smile A320-200

#3 AirAsia A320-200N

#4 Thai AirAsia Special Livery A320-200

#5 Thai Lion Air B737-800

#6 Scoot A320-200

#7 C208

#8 China Eastern Yunnan B737-800

#9 Thai Royal AirForce C130 (2)

#10 Thai Airways B777-300 (Sorry for bad quality, lots of heat distortion)

Which one did you like the best?

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Thank you for taking a quick look!


These are incredible!


What camera did you use?

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The Special Livery really brings out the best of South & Southeast Asia, where they mainly operate the A320.

It is truly a beautiful livery 😍


Sorry for the late response, but Sony A6500 with a 55-210mm lens.

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Thank You!

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Wow these photos are stunning ! Great photos you got great talent with photography! :)

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That’s actually an A320neo,you can tell by the slightly larger engines. I looked it up and HS-CBB is an A320-251N. Also it’s operated by Thai Air Asia,not the normal Air Asia.

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#8 is actually China Eastern Yunnan .
Also I like how you have EVA Air A321 new livery in picture #9 and #10.

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Oh, thanks for letting me know!

Dang, I did not even notice that. I have made that mistake before, I should have checked to registration before posting.

Eh… did you have to search to know that? The Thai flag is quite clearly visible right there in the front of the fusalage… 😛

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Nice pictures. I was there on holiday last summer!

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