Chewwy94 Spotted?

Ive seen Chewwy play flight simulators such as X Plane 11 and P3D, but i got confused that ive seen his name here.


Could just be a fake. I see multiple people named “Swiss001” flying all the time.


Hey! I doubt it, many people always choose display names like these, but you never know, maybe he is flying? We’ll just have to wait and see…

There’s no way he’d have enough time off P3D to play a mobile flight sim like this ;)

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Lemme check tho…

And also, I don’t think chewwy would be flying 475 kts -3240ft, but perhaps that’s a replay mode thing.

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Also, ive seen him only diving. from 300ft to -6700ft

Lol that can’t be him then

ive seen him further low up to -6700ft

Yup it has to be fake

Maybe you could go to his twitch channel and see if he was streaming at the exact time you saw him, and if he was playing P3D at that time, that’s when you know it’s a fake ;)

Yup, he is fake. at his twitch account, it said he is offline.

Were done here, mods please close this

I don’t know who Chewwy94 is but don’t forget that you can change your username however you like at the moment. Could be anyone 😊