Cheryl_Tunt's ATC Tracking Thread (2days) - [CLOSED] @N/A

Tower/Ground! KPHX
Open for patternwork
Departures and arrivals
No specific runways for people who are there not for the thread.

Intersection departures allowed
2 days till I can begin IFATC testing


Hey, nice to see your working on ATC training, but this should be in the #atc category

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thank you it is now!

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On my way over! N121TC.

I’m N106ER I just called touch and goes runway 26 just letting you know it is me:)

Hey Nicholas, thanks for opening! Here’s some feeedback from your session:

  • Transition altitude was perfect, nice job with that!
  • Shortly after you approved the transition, you asked my intentions and I’m not exactly sure why.
    • A transition is the altitude an aircraft requests to fly at when going through your airspace without interfering with traffic. Therefore, my intention was to fly through your airspace.
  • When I announced inbound, I had already overflown the airport yet you told me to enter right downwind to 26. Having me go for a left downwind for 26 would have been way more efficient and wouldn’t have made me do a 270 degree just to turn on right downwind.
  • You tend to overcontrol
    • There’s no need to tell me to enter base, then straight in when you already gave me a pattern entry to runway 26
  • You cleared me for the option slightly late
    • Try to clear an aircraft in a pattern on crosswind or downwind rather than on short final
  • The “maintain slowest practical speed” command you gave me was unnecessary
    • This is only used to maintain separation between aircraft (in this case, there were no other aircraft around me).
    • The aircraft’s speed on downwind, final, etc., is the pilot’s discretion, not the controllers. If an aircraft wants to land at 200kts and they’re not interfering with other aircraft…let them.

I recommend checking out the thread below if you want to sharpen your ATC skills a little bit more:

Best of luck,


Hi! Thank you for the feedback! The intentions thing was an acident, forgot to press disregard.


First of all sorry about that first mess up touchdown speed was too fast and lost control
My experience flying patterns was great with you controlling •but the “I’ll call your base” command from what I have heard is only used for spacing
The “enter straight in” wasn’t really nessary because you had already cleared me to land before that ( correct me if I’m wrong on that)
Anyway I would suggest watching some ATC toutirials here on the IFC and on IF YouTube but I can see you will be there soon all it takes is practice I believe in you buddy🙂

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OPEN again at KPHX same runway. Open for arivals pattern and deparure!

@Jon_H Please stay in sequencing! I was forced to leave after you cut in line. I was originally cleared first for 26 until you cut.

Coming along now!

Hello! Good effort, just some things I picked up:

  • when people are doing patterns, always always remember: sequence and clearance

  • if you give me a pattern entry for a different runway, or if I request a runway, remember to give the pattern entry, give the sequence WITH the pattern entry, and then clear when appropriate. After I took off and you told me to enter right downwind runway 26, you cleared me afterwards, and then told me I was behind traffic on final.

If you tell me to takeoff and make right traffic, I will continue to do right traffic unless I’m told otherwise. For example: when you changed me to 26 and cleared me, you told me to make right traffic. You then kept telling me to do right traffic everytime you cleared me, it’s best to just say cleared for the option because the right traffic is implied :)

All in all good effort! Look forward to flying for you again :)


Thank you for the feedback!

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Calm down, @anon41771314 :) I was not sequenced behind you, or anyone else. I followed every instruction I received. ;)

ahh i see. so it was probably ATCs fault. as i was told to extend downwind, i figured they vectored you to follow

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Hi! Have I improved since the last time you did patterns with me?
It was at KMFR.

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N212XO here in the C172

Here are a couple of things I noticed

  • So you asked me to taxi to runway 25R which that was a good call but you broadcasted a message saying file a flight plan before taxi which I didn’t but for further references assume they are doing patterns

  • You wanted me to make right traffic which wasn’t that great considering I had to cross two active runways which yes there were no other planes but in the real world it could be a lot different

  • As I took off you told me to make right traffic which then you told me to enter right downwind now this call is kinda unnecessary since you already told me to make right traffic I know that it is right turns so there was no need for this call

  • You sequenced me which was good number 3. I contacted you and told you I was right downwind full stop and you said roger but cleared me again which was not needed and since I told you that once I landed you should have gave me a exit runway command to the left to be specific which then this tells me to exit the runway to the left and contact ground when off the taxiway but back to the second clear there was no need for that you should only clear someone once

Overall everything was good you did a great job of sequencing and spacing well done

I sorry I was rushed and forgot if I cleared you and decided it’s best to clear twice rather than forget. And I thought audio broke so I had to brodcast to see.

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Hey @Cheryl_Tunt!

I believe you have improved since last time, yes. :) No 360s this time!

I’m going to DM you my feedback. Thanks for controlling!

Open at jakarta!!