Cheryl_Tunt’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

New thread last one expired.
Open at ZKPY
Runway Information:
7: Right traffic
19: right traffic
Wind 5knots at 118 (magnetic)

No aircraft restrictions.

Pattern work and transitions appreciated!



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Now closed.

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Open at cairo!


I’ll DM you feedback shortly. Had to cut it short, have a training to attend.

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Thanks @Cheryl_Tunt - that was a fun taxi back to civilisation from 05R lol

Overall great service thank you

Minor pointer - After completing my first touch on 5L and starting my second pattern on 05L you cleared me for the option and to make left traffic (You don’t need to issue a left/right traffic if I am remaining on the same runway)

Sequencing was perfect (No 2 on Left Downwind behind Darius)

Good pattern entry given for a runway change, and you initially cleared me for the option and to make right traffic which was good

Exit Runway was well timed when under 100kts

Thanks! Catch you next time



Sorry that was an acident! Thank you for attending and for the feedback!

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All good, oh and nice proactive runway crossing for 5C too to keep me moving 👍


Cairo Tower/ground is now closed.
1 hour and 6 minute session. Thank you to everyone who attended.

Open at Vancouver!

Closed early. That. Was. Horrendous.

Open at Phoenix Skyharbor come quick and watch the sunset in real time!

Imma swing by!

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Awesome Thank you!

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ill be there in under 3 hours xD

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make that 1 hour and 47 minutes

Ill try to comeback!

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Now closed!

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Open at guam!

Patterns greatly appreciated