Cheryl Tunt ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Need more practice. open for pattern and everything else. Thank you for stopping by. Ive already emailed a trainer! can’t wait!
and please send feed back

open at KMFR ground/tower

Good job! Add more of a description to your post though

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A good idea would be announcing which runways you’re using for landings and departures, as well as any other NOTAMs you think are important.

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Just saying you should not have arrivals at one end of the runway and departures at the other end.

so far big thanks to MARLIN, RFD heavy, infinite fliight 853,

Ok I definitely recommend talking to a trainer (or contacting a new one if they haven’t responded) and visiting the #tutorials. There are a couple things I can give you tips on from the time I flew with you.

  1. You should decided RWY’s based on wind when the wind was at 320 and you have a RWY thats heading is 330 that should be a good primary RWY. Also it doesn’t make sense to have airplanes taking off on a RWY heading 090 and then planes landing on a RWY heading 270 (this is what you currently have set up as stated in your first post)
  2. You have to give an aircraft clearance every-time they are in-bound for landing, not just the times the switch RWY
  3. When I did ask for RWY change the proper procedure is give a pattern entry (sequence if needed) and then give proper clearance
  4. For inbound aircraft you also must give a pattern entry (sequence if needed) and then clear them not just a clearance
  5. When I announced for go around you cannot just clear me in again unless I’m the only aircraft in the pattern, you must re-sequence and then you can clear
  6. You also missed exit RWY instructions when only 3 aircraft on a total of 3 frequencies it should not be hard to give exit RWY instructions, also a good sign is when I announced full stop that says my intention is to exit the RWY so you can make sure to give exit RWY instruction
  7. I also recommend opening airports with parallel RWY’s as that is what your IFATC practical test will be like, if that is what you want to eventually become.

If your goal is to eventually reach become a IFATC controller I really recommend you visit #tutorials, watch the tutorial youtube videos, and contact a recruiter/ trainer. If the recruiter you have contacted has not reached back, I can recommend a few trainers for you or you can reach out to another trainer recruiter and make sure to explain your situation. If you have any questions feel free to PM me.

sorry i thought full stop meant stop and takeofff

That is known as a stop and go, and to better your skills definitely get in contact with a trainer.

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out of 10 what would you rate me?

Well you obviously just getting started into the “advanced” part of ATC so you knowledge is very limited, I don’t think it is fair for me to give you a score just yet. But I can’t stress it enough to get a trainer and view the ATC youtube tutorials and check the #tutorials category.

big thanks to MARLIN, RFD heavy, infinite fliight 853, TC-JON, Vlocity 2 heavy, GOATMAN,

Hey @Cheryl_Tunt! Thank you for controlling. I was TC-JON.

Very briefly:

  • Ground taxi instruction was good.
  • You did not clear me for the option until I called inbound every time (could have also “reported position” to remind you of my clearance). I also announced a go-around because you forgot to clear me. You need to sequence, if needed, and clear every time an aircraft does a pattern round.
  • When an aircraft calls inbound, you must give a pattern entry (e.g., enter right downwind runway 09), sequence (if there are other aircraft inbound or in pattern), and clear for the option or clear to land, depending on the request.
  • In the short period of time, you gave me two 360s for spacing. I think you did so to get more space between me and the aircraft taking off from or landing on the other runway, but that’s not how it works. You had me doing a 360 right over the airport; should not happen. You could have changed runways to avoid that conflict in the first place, or even after the fact, could have changed my runway by first giving me another pattern instruction (followed by sequence, if needed, and clearance with new traffic pattern), sending me in a different direction.

I would definitely recommend watching IF ATC Youtube videos and reading the IFATC Manual. You can also ask an experienced ATC/IFATC about observing (by spotting from a parked aircraft, tuned in to the frequency - you really should first ask their permission).

Good luck with your training! I’ll stop by again if I see you controlling another day. :)


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Thank you wateerski 22, CANT FLY,air force 03

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