Chennai floods

In about 1-2 weeks, Chennai, a South Indian city was hit with tons of rain. I immigrated to US from this city so I decided I should post this. Also the airport is currently closed…
Hopefully this gigantic flood stops… It has been the biggest on the city in like 100 years… A link

Oh and the runways are pretty big so not a small airport. Although Boeing 747’s rarely land and a A380 has never landed there…

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been watching the News reports on the BBC. Hope it is sorted out soon. Hope any friends or relations you have still there are ok?

I hope everything gets better

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I’m in this city right now experiencing this rain.

No internet or broadband for most.

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It’s been raving here none stop since wensday Iys calmed down a bit bow

They are okay thanks

They opened up Arakonam Naval Station instead of Chennai.
It is about 60 kms from Chennai.

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Wish the rain could stop soon… I Heard There are Power Outages too on there? Is that right?

Yes, power still hasn’t resumed for some parts of the city. Luckily I have power


Hope for the best for Chennai.

Hope you are okay…

I’m good, my family is also good.

Thanks for asking :)


The areas which were developed during British times didn’t have any huge flood. The ones made after independence had floods.

This was FEO (For Everyone’s Information).


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They did actually. Kthanxbye

What jdag said.