Chengdu J-20 Chinese 5th Generation Stealth Fighter

I would love to have this plane in IF! This plane looks absolutely astonishing and it’s performance isn’t too shabby either!

For more info on aircraft, go to this link: Chengdu J-20 - Wikipedia

Hmm, I don’t know how to feel about this aircraft. For now, all i can say is, its noticeable. Has this even started service?

To be honest, it looks really cool, but I don’t think it would fit in with all the other jets… Especially when It’s used in such a way we wouldn’t know how to fly it. For the f22 and f16, those are military class jets for many countries but the J-20 would sound weird. If you were to incorporate a chinese aircraft, they would have to look at all the other aircraft that fits in as well.

Looks like a knockoff F-35 with weird catfish wings and 2 engines.


Like the aircraft itself and it’s history but I don’t think we need to give trolls on TS another plane for them to have “fun” in.

I recommend you to vote for your own feature request :)


Lol, not much action in the voting section but that’s ok. The J-20 does sound cool but I don’t think it could be used in Infinite flight because of its model and its name. @Panther that would be your best option?

yes note that’s a prototype

The F22 is used only by the USA Air Force.

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We already have the f22, and whilst this is different, they are similar by role and nature. It’s a interesting looking plane, but not one I could justify having in IF.

too similar to the f22 for me…

There’s only 2 fighter jets with decent models, and like GA it needs more

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