Chemtrails Vs. Contrails

The good old Chemtrails vs. Contrails debate.

whats the difference?

Chemtrails - the belief that commercials aircraft dump chemicals at cruising altitude

Contrails - the belief that the heat from engines can melt ice vapor creating a stream of water vapor.

Personally, what is your guys’s opinion?

Please keep this civilized, as everyone has the right to have an opinion.

  • Chemtrails
  • Contrails

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I wouldn’t consider contrails a “belief.”

They’re a fact of science…


Each person either belives in contrails or chemtrails. Both sides can argue which is true.

True story! ☝️ Maybe thats something I shouldn’t share…

Kidding! #SprayAndPray


Contrails are proven by science.

Chemtrails are urban myth.

And also if there were chemtrails there would also still be contrails.

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I blame chemtrails for my kidney stones.


Only one of them is real

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Chem trails: Exhaust gases from plane engines that persist in the sky(after sometimes forming cirrus cloud sand allegedly meant to control human population(LOL)

Contrails: When gases are,expelled from the engine through the exhaust, the massive difference in temperature causes condensation to occur thus trails behind the engines are formed.

It’ll be better if a pilot explains why some contrails persist after the aircraft passes while others dissipate while the aircraft.


I’d guess the heat of the engine, which produces the condensation

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Contrails is definitely true imo. However, it doesn’t mean chemtrails isn’t! So both are possible ;)

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There are two types of chemtrails

  • The one dumped by farmers on their crops to help protect against insects and other pests
  • The one dumped by farmers on their neighbours crops to help ease the competition

@DeerCrusher I’ve seen the chemtrails toggle switch in the cockpits!


I wonder how many people actually believe in chemtrails here (if any) or if they all selected that option in the polls as a joke.


Fun fact: If you dump gas or anything over 6,000 feet it will turn into vapor before you hit the ground.


Hmmm, I always wondered what that sinister looking bowser pumping nefarious chemicals into the secret wing/belly tank was!!!

Combustion of kerosene produces water as a by produce when the engine is efficient (During complete combustion carbon and hydrogen combine with oxygen (O2) to produce carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O))

This added to the pressure and heat profile through the engine produces water vapour out of the jet pipe from the local humidity and the combustion. At 10000 ft + the temperature is enough to freeze the water almost instantly and produce contrails. If the humidity of the local atmosphere is such that the ejected water vapour can be absorbed you don’t get contrails. This explains why sometimes you get partial contrails especially in areas where standing wave atmospheric condition occur as the humidity of the atmosphere varies at a given altitude. (downwind of mountains for example)

In a previous life we used to brief contrailing heights as spitting out a huge great white arrow saying ‘I’m here, come get me’ would be disadvantageous to say the least!

However, if they can believe in a flat earth they can believe in chemtrails too!


There both pretty bad for the environment that’s for sure

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To answer the small text in your comment, the reasoning behind why some contrails will persist/spread whereas others won’t can vary; but the most common reason is because the aircraft are at different altitudes.

Other reasons although not usually the root cause is different engines (because they operate at diffferent temperatures) and also if the engines are at different power settings, again for the same reason.

One other thing to consider is that the temperature within ge atmosphere can vary between just a few feet. This can also give rise to how clouds are formed in general and why you can get clouds that are quite literally by themselves in the sky. After all, a contrail is short for a condensation trail, in other words, a cloud.

Edit Sorry didn’t see the other comment above which explains this too but in greater depth! But nevertheless, there are some other reasons which I have highlighted.


Thank you @RAH and @Yuan_Tugo. Everyday is a chance to learn something new.

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I would have to say both exist one is cloud seeding one is just normal the problem is that when cloud seeding is weaponized it turns into an issue which is why people call those types of trails chem trails for example
Harvard also admits to chem trailing for the use to control climate change you can go find that on their website but in all honesty who knows what their really dumping up their besides the vaper trails

Left picture = Saturated Air
Right picture = Dry Air.

Left picture has high level clouds = Saturated Air
Right picture, clear blue sky = Dry Air.

Clouds hang around all day in the UK so we must be bombarded with chemicals!

Conspiracy theorists of all walks of life will hang on to whatever they want. Flying civil and mil for 30 years and I have NEVER seen any evidence of ‘seeding’ in close to 20,000 hours of flying. But, hey, what do I know in the face of the World Government!