Cheers to 10 years! And wishes for more to come!

I was flying from KSFO to KLAX on a Southwest 737-700, in order for me to get the throwback vibes after years of playing. Then as I was descending towards KLAX, I have spotted an unusual message.

I was very touched as I reminisced the 7 and a half years of playing Infinite Flight. I remember always being happy whenever I come from elementary school, just to play with the Space Shuttle or the other old planes. And today, I still enjoy this game with passion and makes me forget all the stress I have in Senior High. And I want to thank you all, from the developers, to this wonderful community, for giving me company, especially in this pandemic. My passion never dies because all of you. Cheers, my fellow pilots, soar high into a better future with this wonderful and magnificent flight simulator!

Thank you for 7 & 1/2 years. I hope that all of you fellow community members and Infinite Flight would happily celebrate 10 years of joy that all of you has given us. Maraming salamat, mga kapatid!


(Sorry if I tend to have grammatical errors, if there is a duplicate, I am sorry too, but as of searching, I haven’t found any yet. Thank you!)

I want to thank Laura for the message, but I don’t want to disturb her by tagging. Therefore I made this topic to thank all of the team and my fellow community members! Thank you again!


Very cool! I still have yet to get this message since I never seem to have a sub when those special kinds of messages show up.

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