Checkride tomorrow

Alright guys let’s stop blowing this post up with memes


Hahahha im sure your going to be fine.
Remember to have fun and take photos I’m sure the community would be interested in seeing some photos of when your training for your pilots listence
Enjoy 😉

Just dont take photos during the checkride. 🤣

I don’t have any knowledge with PPL’s, but like everyone said, you’ll do fine. Don’t stress it, and just have fun :) It is Aviation after all, so don’t forget to take in the scenery, and just treat it like any other flight. Act like the instructor/tester, whatever you want to call it is your friend. Don’t think of them as judging you, think of them admiring you. Can’t wait to hear how well you do

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Nice words for one of our own. You would be delighted to know that Tyler passed it!


I knew he would! Congrats!


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