Hello IFC, I have been checklist shopping and so far none has helped me, and this is a request to anybody but I wanted to know if anybody is willing to take time and make a checklist that has the same thing as real life just stuff obviously we don’t have like the (test engine failure, oxygen mask etc.)

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You could create your own. I don’t know of any emergency checklists but there is one for normal checklists.

Well not emergency but I’m asking if anybody is willing to make me a checklist that has ultra realism to it…like I have seen these checklist image image

And even IF Checklist… but I feel there missing something…so that’s why I wanted a checklist that has more checks
Just like real life but stuff we don’t have like test engine failure etc, don’t add

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IF checklists is an option. An app, for free on the App store, has all checklists you need. You will need a second device I think.

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