Hello, I am quite new to Infinite Flight and am still playing solo and before purchasing the pro subscription I wanted to try and get a checklist. I saw some old ones, but I didn’t know if they we’re any different now then they we’re.

Also, I don’t know when to descend or when to do what when I’m in the air so if you could help me out with that; then I will give you herbs for free.

Oh and if you have any app suggestions that are helpful to make it a better and easier or whatever experience.

There really isn’t a “Checklist” For say that I know of.

Also descend here’s some helpful tips!


Welcome! 😊

So you have now purchased IF? In a previous post you were still thinking about it.

I suggest you start by viewing a bunch of Mark’s official IF training videos. Also check out the #tutorials section.
Select: flight training.

Some of these videos apply to the Live environment, others are just about aircrafts etc.

A few years ago I made a post ‘New pilots read this’. It’s quite dated now, but it contains a lot of info in one post. Search for it.


Yeah like you said I made a post where I was thinking about it and I just picked it up and am trying to get used to everything about it! :D

Also, um just wondering in the game how far is 60 miles heh

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You can calculate distance via your flight plan. One of Mark’s videos is about making a flight plan. Check it out.

Don’t worry about not knowing stuff. We’re here to help.
Search the tutorials, and when you can’t find, ask!


Okay, I watched that one but kinda skipped because I didn’t think it had the goodies like that I’ll have to watch it again!

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Would I use the Dist. to Dest. Option and then once that’s 60 start my descent?

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If you want a realistic checklist designed for Infinite Flight, I recommend IF Checklists. It’s free, and has a checklist for all aircraft.


I tried that one but then if I am doing multiplayer then don’t I have to switch back and forth from the checklist to infinite flight?

Hey! Congratulations, you have made the best decision of your life by buying Infinite Flight.

When I started out, I also started with solo before moving onto Live. Flying solo is a great way to learn how to use Infinite flight before going into servers.

Before moving onto Live, you should make sure that you

  • Can Takeoff and land with crosswinds up to 15kts without crashing or rolling off the runway
  • Are able to create a flight plan (Not just a direct line from your airport to your destination)
  • Can and will taxi under 30kts
  • Can and will fly under 250kts when below 10,000ft
  • Can calculate your fuel needed (and not just putting 100% fuel)
  • Know how to taxi at an airport

I really urge you to check out the #tutorials section! It is really helpful


Well… you are supposed to use a seperate device that has that app on…
Do you not have any extra phone or tablet?
Also, if you have an iPad Pro, them you can use slide-over to access the app while flying.

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Yeah I don’t have a second device. :(

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Oh, that’s unfortunate…
On Android, I think there is some checklist app that overlays the checklist on IF. I’m not sure what the name is though.

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I believe I could use blue stacks on my PC though to run the application.


There aren’t really ‘checklists’ for IF, but I used/made one earlier this year, but I don’t use it anymore because I know everything already :)

This links may help you:
Fuel Calculator;
Flightplan Database;

When you want to fly realistic as possible, try Flightradar24 to see the real altitude, callsign etc.

The only answer I can give you:

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You could also check out the VirtualHub app. I’m sure it’s on the community somewhere but it’s very helpful and can give you some help with a decent calculator, some airport charts, and a full flight planner.

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You can just download IF Checklists

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When to descend?

As for when to descend, it’s quite easy. Basically drop the last 3 zero’s of your crusing altitude and then multiply by 3.

E.g- If you are crusing at 30,000 feet you would
drop the last 3 zero’s and multiply 30 by 3 giving you 90. Therefore, start your descent, 90nm before reaching your destination.

How fast to descend?

Two simple ways of figuring out how fast to descend. First way is simply taking your ground speed and multiplying it by 5.2. The other method is to take your airspeed, divide it by 2 and add a 0 to the end. Then set your VS to whatever you get as your answer.

E.g- Your groundspeed is 400 knots. For the first method just multiply 400 by 5.2 to get your descent rate. The other method is 400 divided by 2 which gives you 200. Then add a 0 which gives you 2000. Then set your VS for -2000fpm.

Hope this helps!


That seems very helpful! I will try that!

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I think you mean groundspeed?