Checklist website for Infinite Flight

Hi all

I made a simple website with checkboxes for checklists in Infinite Flight. It works on desktop, mobile and tablet.

Here is the link:

Please feel free to contribute!


Looks good. I always have the real world checklist next to me when I fly (obviously real world is too detailed for IF so a lot has to be skipped).

I mostly fly GA (SR22, C172, SD) so I’ll compare the lists and see if they’ll work for me.

Would you look into making separate aircraft specific ones rather than the two generics?


As IF it pretty basic, there are not many differences between the aircraft, so that is why they are general. There are not any difference to make them specific.


Nice! This is great! Will sure be using this!


Why have you set “nav lights - off” for pre-start? They should always be on as long as battery power is connected…

Okay, didn’t know! I’ll change it when I can. :)

Nice and handy to have!

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Personally, I’d split up the current ‘approach’ to ‘descent’ and ‘before landing’

Things like ‘gear’ and ‘flaps’ etc would be in the ‘before landing’ for example.

Also, if you could, maybe add in the speed restrictions, for example in the descent (and climbout for that matter) checklist:

SPEED - verify <250IAS crossing 10,000

A lot of users seem to get speed violations so would be a good addition.

Just my personal suggestions, Otherwise good job and great idea

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Bookmarked! You make some really useful websites, first the charts and now this one.


I don’t think the speed warning really has a place on a checklist - I don’t think they have it on there in real life.

Not necessarily! I often leave the nav lights off during the day to save the bulbs! (sad I know).

Navigation lights are only mandatory at night.

(two 'o’s in climbout! Check spelling! ;) )

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Thank you very much!


Thanks I’ve waited long for something (when engine on/off you have to add something)

Will do when global is out! 🙂

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Really! I know it’s common for GA, but not for airliners too. Is that in the FCOM or SOP?

It’s not an SOP, it’s up to the individual during the day at my company. The FCOM and Air Law/National procedures dictate lights at night (obviously).

Ahaa, so it’s more like you being nice to the airline. ;) Awesome!

One way of putting I suppose! I would prefer to say do what you can to keep your employer in business as they pay your wages!!! :D

Just a note, the page does not save your progress if you open and reopen it. I haven’t added cookies, and I don’t really think they need to be added. 🙂

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Very nice! I like how you have a different one for GA aircraft unlike some checklists.

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