Checklist for airliners

I made a simple checklist for airliners. You may have other preferences regarding items on the list. Anyway; Use it if you like.

Happy flying!

Edit: Revised
Rev 02 (Landing gear down) 😅
Rev 03 FLT controls moved to after start


Thank you for this. It looks like you put some good effort into it.


Well «stuck» at home with nothing else to do and I saw another «Why no lights on my aircraft» topic. Lol


Great job on bringing real life requirements to IF. I will make it happens to my flights

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Wow this is great. Well done. 👌

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«Too low, gear» lol.
Forgot to add gear down on the list.
Revised version uploaded.
Sorry about that

FLT controls is after start

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Yeah, as I wrote. «You may have other preferences» Thanks for the feedback though.


Thank you so much


Changed it for realism 🙂
(In if we can check FLT controls before start up lol)

Brilliantly put together. We’ll done!

Just one thing I believe you may or may not have missed…


You have AP but not speed.

1 other thing you may or may not want to add is set Cruise Altitude and Cruise speed when reaching top of climb or during the climb out checklist. It’s in my personal checklist I use when flying IF or FSX although it’s not part of any procedure I know of.

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Thanks for the feedback!
I wanted to keep it as simple as possible and readable on one page.
Thanks anyway

I see and you did a brilliant job. Appreciate your work. I’ll definitely be using this. Thanks again.

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Wish people who still have landing lights on when taxiing sees this thanks for the checklist


Yeah, that was one of my thoughts with this list.
No strobes or landing lights while taxi.
I know some choose to use ldg lights on as taxi lights though. Not the biggest deal

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Yea agree but hopefully they learn one day to not use LDG when taxing to/from a RWY

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