Checking updated airports

Hi everyone, is there a way to check when the last time an airport was edited? Thanks

There is not a way to see when the last time an airport was updated in-game.


You could, ask an airport editor or supervisor and they can tell you when an airport was last updated.

Yeah I was thinking about joining, just to do some of my local airports. How do I join and how easy is it to edit airports?

You can join by following the steps provided on the Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team Thread. Overall, it’s quite easy once you get the basics down.

The best thing about this team is that everyone is always willing to help you out along the way! Before you know it, you’ll be a pro!

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Also, how much of a commitment is it?

Not a commitment at all. The team asks that you edit 1 airport every 90 days as per the activity requirements. As always though, If you don’t enjoy it after your first few airports: you can always ask to leave.

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You might want to re-read the Editing Guide, especially the paragraph regarding sharing the GitHub repo URL 👀

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