Checking Runways in Use at Destination

I want to be able to contact my destination so I can know where I can land so I can change flight plan

Do you mean ATC?

I mean check the weather and check which active runways are in use in time of arrival!

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You can contact ATC by clicking on your arrival airport… Of course if ATC is active

But like I’m like half a way from the airport it doesn’t make me tune in

Yeah you can tune in when you are 90nm away to ATIS 75nm for approach and then 30nm for tower… You have to get closer to be able to contact the ATC

Oh ok thank you

No problem happy to help. :D

If you want to check what runways are being used (or which side) i recommend using LiveFlight. But knowing exactly what runway you will be given is not possible until you contact ATC because that would depend on the traffic at the time.

LiveFlight is like Flightradar24 but for infinite flight.

The topic is about Infinite Flight, not Real Life Aviation.

And IFATC does not always use the same runways that are being used IRL, so LiveFlight is the best option here.

With traffic in IF at the destination LiveFlight is probably the best choice otherwise it’s obviously a real life Software such as Flightradar24.

You can always zoom in on the destination airport and see which runways are green and which ones are red.

No, do not just assume that the green runways are being used. Sometimes, depending on traffic, terrain, or other factors, IFATC might use the red runways. Today at SKBO, I had so many planes ignore my taxi instructions and taxi to the opposite side of the runway because it was green. Never assume which runways are being used. As @TheWalkingFruit mentioned, check LiveFlight.


That’s fair enough. I was probably referring to UNICOM more than live ATC, normally taking the green one as the preference without live ATC in place. But yeah, always check conditions and variables as well before making the choice. It’s a shame people were ignoring your instructions!


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