Checking out Burbank and Midway with Southwest | 22.2

Hello All! Thanks for opening up this topic. These photo were taken the day after 22.02 came out on Wednesday 23, 2022. In this topic there are both photos and videos of a flight I made after the update came out. I hope you like them.

On Tuesday, 22.2 came out with some unexpected but absolutely great surprises! With the new and animated pushback trucks, the Avelo livery on the 738, and 40 great new airports, I knew I had to go out and have some fun flying around.

I usually fly just a Southwest 737 around the country since I just enjoy doing short hops around. I also really do like the 737 as I find it flexible and fun to fly. I took out the 737-700 in the Heart livery (N611SW in-game) to fly the legs of the day. Since the last time I flew a trip I ended at John Wayne airport, I decided I would start the day at SNA. My routing first took me from Santa Ana to Oakland Metropolitan Airport in the Bay Area, a big Southwest base. I wanted to check out the new 3D Burbank Airport so after a short stop in Oakland I jumped down the coast to a bustling KBUR. There were lots of Avelo aircraft running around the entire time. I was on the ground for around 40 minutes before departed off a runway 15 to Chicago-Midway Airport. Midway also got 3D buildings in the recent update. Anyways, enjoy the pictures below!

Flight Details

Airlines: Southwest Air
Aircraft: Boeing 737-700
Registration: N611SW
Server: Expert
Game Version: 22.2
Flight flown: 03/23/22

Starting off the day at John Wayne Airport (SNA/KSNA), we are parked at the C terminal. I plan the route, check the weight & balance, then push and start. At this time Burbank Airport had active IFATC, I hoped that I too would have ATC when I got to Burbank.

John Wayne Airport has a extremely short runway compared to other airports with similar traffic. The longest runway (20R/02L) is only just above 5,000 ft long. To deal with the short runway, more flaps and power is applied on takeoff. Due to noise procedures, the climb rate after rotation is quite steep until leveling off and pulling back on power at 800 ft. Here is a pic right after leaving the runway.

After an quick and uneventful trip up the coast we arrive in Oakland and perform a short turnaround to depart off the Burbank. Oakland isn’t 3D yet, but we have seen it being modeled in the new in-game editing system. I used to fly out of Oakland all the time so I’m really looking forward to seeing it in-game (maybe not as much as such other large airports tho).

The video below showcases a real-time, in-game, cockpit view landing at Hollywood Burbank Airport in Southern California. The route I flew that day was SNA-OAK-BUR-MDW. After a brief 40 minute layover in Burbank, I departed again for Chicago-Midway Airport. The camera is positioned in the cockpit and the video was recorded while I was actually landing the aircraft. I fly a Southwest Airlines 737-700 registered N611SW on land on runway 8. After a not-so-great landing onto the runway, I turn off and park into Terminal A, shut down, and unload.

After another fun flight along the California coast, I arrive into Burbank Airport with a nice and quick landing before pulling right into the gate. Both flights so far have only been about 50 minutes each. There were quite a few other aircraft sitting at the airport. The following picture shows aircraft parked at Terminal A and those taxiing parallel to runway 8. I am there on final.

After pulling into the gate I had to run off and do some stuff around the house… so let’s consider it a “long” turnaround. The video below this shows some of the activity of the ramp while I was at the airport. After I return, I put in the new flight plan to Midway, loaded up the right amount of fuel, then requested pushback clearance. The picture below shows me in my SWA 737 parked at Terminal A with a bunch of aircraft around me.

The video below showcases a beautiful Timelapse of airport movements at Hollywood Burbank Airport in Southern California. The framing specifically shows most of runway 8 and terminal A. In the video, we see lots of aircraft operating from the terminal, landings on runway 8, and quick flashes of departing aircraft from runway 15. There was no IFATC at the beginning, but ATC spawned in towards the ending. In the previous video we saw my landing into Burbank in a Southwest 737-700. Within the span of the video I land, park, then depart again… see if you can figure out which one is me… shouldn’t be too hard tho.

Departing from Burbank can be almost as tricky as departing John Wayne. Runway 15 definitely isn’t that short at I think 8,000 ft, but the mountains around make it so that a steep rate of climb and immediate right turn is needed after takeoff.

The rockies mountains provide some scenic views as we cross the midwest and head to the Windy City. Here we are over some beautiful Colorado mountains.

It had been a really fun day. Starting in John Wayne and arriving into Midway almost 7 hours later. All the legs were fun to fly and I loved to see all the new 3D airports plus the Avelo livery on the 737-800. After a 3 and a half hour flight east I touched down on runway 13C in Chicago and vacated for traffic behind me.

Overall it was a really fun day and I enjoyed all the legs I flew. Again, thanks for taking the time to read all of this. I hope you have a good one!

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Beautiful pictures!

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Thanks! I enjoyed the flight and I’m glad you like the pics.

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Looks amazing… how do you take such great pictures?

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hmm… well, I don’t think they’re the best pictures, but they’re ok. Just have to find fun angles and of course, play with the lighting. Then you got to edit them right, which I don’t feel I have down yet.