Checking longest flight

Hello there, shortly I’ll be doing a longest flight ever … no flight plan just tons of fuel and I’ll take off !! No passengers or cargo as well…I’ll head up to FL410 and stay there as long as my tank comes to zero !! Heading will be constant through the journey…any suggestions which aircraft should I try ?

the B77LR and A350 are the two aircraft in the fleet with the longest flight time capacity. recommend either one of those.

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Thanks buddy !! I was leaning towards LR…and I guess I’ll see estimated fuel time on both of these and decide accordingly!! I guess A350 is more aerodynamic and can deliver slightly more fuel efficiency…am I right ?

the A350 can fly higher and faster. I’d fly it as it is efficient and fast.

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Done !! I’ll fly A350…!!

Ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking

Ohh wait there are no passengers 😂


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