Checking in

Hey all,

I visit the IFC every once in a while… Rarely enough for me to notice that a week ago I had beed a part of the community for 5 years.

I’ve been around this scene since the 787 rolled out, when KNUC was the place to be, before having the entire planet at our fingertips. In the past 5 years, I’ve gone from highschool student to commercial pilot and beyond - and this little hobby has been with me through it all.

I’d be taking up too much of your time if I shared all my highlights of the IFC, IF, every VA/VO, discord server… whatever. So I’ll just say that over the past few years, I have had a blast.

Thank you to everyone who has made even a tiny dent in this little version of myself. Whether they’ve moved on, or are still around, I appreciate it. Moving forward, I welcome any questions, advice, wisdom or whatever! Looking forward to the next 5 years…




KNUC was kinda like a Hawaii replacement in the Live days for flights starting from the mainland

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That’s amazing. How much of influence did IF had on you to become commercial pilot.

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You could definitely say it fed the interest!

well i can imagine an, how was the feeling the first time up there over the clouds?

Plenty of great firsts! That would be one of them

It’s always really awesome to hear these life updates from long-time community members like yourself! Congratulations on making it far in the aviation industry, and thanks for having Infinite Flight be a small part of that journey :)


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