Checkerboard Approach Lights for Kai Tak

After global came out, it has been very difficult for people to fly into Kai Tak and do a successful landing. So, the devs could add maybe a little something with lights on it that’s red and white. I don’t know but something Just so that it is easier to land at Kai Tak airport.

Let me know what you think below.

I would love to have the checkerboard! I was gonna make this request a while ago but I am too lazy.


Well I made the request for you then! Please vote if you like it!

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That is completely fine!

This is kind of related to this: (if you add one marker, you gotta add em all!)


Yes I’d love to see this! Also I’d like to see the church in innsbruck! And maybe some of the wonders of the world!? I’m a regular now so I can vote on this!


Yeah but this is more of a priority as this helps in landing

You cannot give priority to one over the other :) All of the markers established on approaches serve an important purpose; otherwise they wouldn’t be there.

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Although I do agree with you a lot of people are having trouble landing there

This would be awesome! I think the checkerboard is there, it’s just a white fuzzy blob. And I agree with the comments above, it would be a little funny adding a single landmark.

Yes you got my vote! this would be a really good one for the airport

Its other name is the Kai Tak Heart Attack if I was not mistaken. Am I right?

It might be called that

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Whoah ! A crazy approach !

Then please vote, and maybe we will see this in IF one day!

Typical cole. Lol sry

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This is a feature request @Maxmustang

@Daniel14. MaxSez: My Error Dan overlooks catagory. Regrets! Suggest expand Topic Title to include corrective action requested, eg: Checkerboard lights or some such.


Will execute now! @Maxmustang

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Now how exactly would they add this? It would have to be very difficult.