Check user guide question (IFATC)

lets say an aircraft departed and check in… i said radar contact
but then he requested a flight following, but they have a IFR flight plan
and flight following is for VFR

so would it be fair to to say “check user guide?” because Flight Following is not the right thing to say

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Flight following is not just for VFR. Flight following can also be IFR in game unless they stated flying VFR. The only issue there is that they don’t need to check in and request flight following. They only need to do one or the other


Yes, it would be correct to say that from the explanation above

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No my explanation above refutes that question. They were fine and don’t need a check user guide. Otherwise, you would be using that for 90% of pilots and the manual states that CUG should be used sparingly

Aren’t you an IFATC Specialist…why would you be controlling Radar?

I am not controlling radar

Since in your title, it says that your question is geared towards IFATC, you can use #discussions in the IFATC slack or #questions in the IFATCEG slack in the future 😃

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