Check User Guide for Assistance

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As the topic stipulates, i would like to understand the real meaning of this instruction/command, why is it issued to pilots, when is it issued. Once it’s issued, how should one respond to the ATC? Bearing in mind that you are midflight either descending or departing, what are you supposed to check for amd when?

I have heard a number of pilots being told to check the user guide for assistance, immediately thereafter atc would respond with the correct instruction.
An example of this would be during departure, when Centre is present, a pilot would check in and thereafter request a flight following. Some ATC’ would first respond with that instruction before responding with the right instruction.

I always wonder why respond firstly with, “check user guide for assistance” thereafter respond with what was requested.

Just Curious 🤔🤔

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It’s basically the ATC saying you made a mistake or you shouldn’t have done that and you will find the correct way to do whatever you did in the user guide:


You can’t respond back to that specific command.

We use it so pilots can refer to the manual to see what they did incorrectly. Unfortunately, we can’t yet say what they exactly did incorrectly, but I believe that’s something that is being worked on so it explains &/or takes you to that specific thing you did wrong.

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When i got that message way back and didn’t know what i have done wrong i just wrote the controle an pm in the IFC and asked him so i could read the right thing in the Guide

You do not need to request flight following after checking in, that’s why they received the check help. You just check in with departure, then when you’re handed off to Center, check in with Center.


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