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today I have received an message when contacting tower: Please, check tutorials on the forum about using ATC instructions. Where can I find these tutorials?

And so I think I have done something wrong when contacting the tower.
I switched from approach to tower, and I said that I am on final runway 34, full stop. So what should say first when I contact tower?

Thanks a lot for your help.


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In this case, the approach controller would have given you an approach clearance (I.e. cleared Visual, ILS, GPS)

When you call in to tower, you call inbound with the clearance that approach gave you. Not just “on final”


I will add, if you asked the approach controller for “radar vectors” you are not given an approach clearance. In this case, you will need to call inbound as if there was no approach controller.

“Xxx Tower, (callsign) is inbound for landing”

Tower will then give you a pattern entry, sequence, then clearance.


Thank you very much.